This year we’re piloting an FBB Mentoring programme to support 15-17 year olds and we’re in need of mentors to support transitioning students who are coming to the end of their time on the FBB Schools programme. Through the programme, we’re aiming to create and sustain meaningful relationships between adults and young people of London, whilst introducing young people to new environments in the world of work that provide them with new skills, experiences and relationships that develop confidence, self-esteem and employability.

Towards the end of their time on an FBB programme, we often find that due to forming relationships with FBB adults throughout their time with us, young people can become dependent on FBB for social and emotional support. We want to provide continued support by partnering volunteer FBB Mentors with mentees. This support may come in the form of:

  • 1:1 mentoring covering home and school life, ambitions for the future, goal-setting etc.
  • Academic support during the build up to GCSEs

We are increasingly experiencing a perceived disconnect between generations. The press are persistent at painting young people as demotivated or disengaged with society, particularly in London. Our experience couldn’t be further from this. Young people are hungry to develop meaningful relationships with older generations: they see the benefits it can have for themselves and their community. We’re looking for mentors who not only see young people as the future but are open to learn from them. The mentor/mentee relationship is a two-way process that we encourage both people to take ownership of. We’ll kick off the programme with dedicated evenings to introduce everyone, following this it’s largely up to you how this evolves. We do expect a minimum commitment of an hour long session every fortnight, until August 2019.


The young people we work with have passion and drive. They are determined to be the best that they can be but often lack opportunities to showcase this outside of an FBB setting. Unfortunately we exist in a world where opportunities are accessed by those who have connections and this plays a huge role in the deepening of economic and social inequality. Many of our young people don’t have personal networks they can call upon to learn new skills or get insight into the world of work. Part of our mission is to provide young people with opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily have been able to access and that’s where we need your help. As a mentor, you play a vital role in exposing our young people to new experiences, both inside and outside of the workplace. This may take the form of:

  • Workplace shadowing
  • Work experience placements
  • Mentoring sessions held at your workplace
  • Attendance at events and workshops that you identify as beneficial for your mentee

Mentor’s commitment

The mentor/mentee relationship is both of yours to own and we don’t expect each and every one to follow the same pattern. However, our young people are in need of adults they can depend on, so the following is a minimum expectation of commitment to the programme:

  • Attendance at initial mentoring induction/training at our youth centre in Brixton on the evening of Thursday 15th November
  • Attendance at launch event in Brixton on the evening of Thursday 22nd November
  • One evening every 2 weeks with mentee
  • Weekly check in over whatsapp
  • 10 month programme

FBB Commitment

Working with young people can present challenges and we don’t expect you to face these alone. We’ll ensure regular communication between mentors, the Head of Volunteering and Project Leads to address any concerns you may have about the safety and wellbeing of young people. We’ll also facilitate the first session at our space in the Angell Town estate in Brixton.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please complete this form. Any questions, contact Ceylon Andi Hickman on

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