FBB Schools

Our FBB Schools programme combines football coaching, classroom tutoring, reward visits and international travel

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FBB Warriors

Our FBB Women’s Football programme offers free-of-charge football training sessions to get more women playing football.

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Our youth-led football media platform produces fresh and engaging videos, and teaches our young people about media production.

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FBB Wanderers

Our FBB Wanderers programme uses football to breakdown borders of class and race through an 11 a side football team.

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Youth Beyond Borders is an innovative and pioneering project that is about empowering young people to take action in their communities whilst developing transferable skills that they can use whatever path they choose to follow.

Working with the young men that attend our community football sessions in Camberwell, we are giving them the opportunity to lead their own campaign to tackle a local issue in their community.

The project begins by examining a range of social issues such as racism, inequality and gentrification through the lens of football, before focusing in on one that the participants want to build a campaign around.

Through planning and implementing the campaign, the team will build skills such as project planning, teamwork and public speaking, whilst gaining an understanding of how to bring about social and political change as a collective.

FBB Academy

We provide access to first class professional coaching sessions delivered by experienced, local FA qualified coaches.

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What we do

The FBB methodology combines football training sessions delivered by FA qualified coaches with mentoring and tutoring programmes focused on giving educational and employment support to young people in some of London’s most deprived estates and schools. Participants also work towards fundraising and organising an annual international football tour.

Support our work

We do not charge participants for our programmes. Therefore, we depend on the help of our supporters to keep delivering our programmes. Your support allows us to inspire young people to achieve their goals.Please go to the Donate section of the website to find out how you can help us to inspire young people to achieve their goals.

Our mission:

To use football to create a more equal and inclusive society in which young people from low income backgrounds have the opportunity to develop the skills, attitude and character to succeed in education, work and public life.

Our vision:

For all young people regardless of their background to feel valued, confident and empowered to become active citizens and achieve their goals and for society to provide the opportunities for them to do so.

For Football Beyond Borders to be one of the leading youth organisations in the UK and a world leader in using football to inspire young people from disadvantaged background to achieve their goals.

“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football”

Albert Camus – Philosopher, Author, Goalkeeper